Repair / Refinish

Our furniture refinishing process is a slow delicate process which is all done by hand using years of wood refinishing experience.We’ll deliver very pleasing results.We begin by removing the old finish from the furniture. Each layer is gently remove until the old finish is all gone. Your furniture is thenallowed to air dry, afterwards it is sanded, stained, finished and rubbed, all done by hand.

We offer several choices of top coats, which is the layer of finish protecting the stain and the wood itself. From old fashion shellac,varnish and wax, to modern top coats of your choice, all with different amounts of sheen to satisfy your individual taste andcompliment your furniture. Your furniture is refinished in either matte, satin, semi-gloss, gloss, high-gloss or somewhere in between. Ifyou’re not sure samples are made, with one visit to our workshop you pick the color and sheen to ensure your piece comes out just the way you like it.

People ask us all the time whether they can use the furniture we repair for them without having to worry, and the short answer is definitely YES !.Our repair work is not only guaranteed to last but it will also look good, so good in fact you may not be able to find the repairs. As furniture gets old the everyday wear and tear will slowly but surely loosen joints, it is at this point that a thorough regluing job is inorder, if postponed, the next thing that will occur is breakage.And just because the glue bond between joints has given way it doesn’t mean the piece of furniture is not of good quality, it is only amatter of glue dehydration and when done properly ,having it reglued (by us) will put your piece back into service for years to come.

Some repairs involve the manufacturing of new pieces, and we are fully equipped to reproduce just about anything related to furniture,from spindles to legs, or missing arms or missing rails, no problem, remember our motto “If it’s wood we can make it or repair it ! “. Some of our services include: antique furniture, wicker, cane, wood, scratches repair. Contact us if you need a specialized repair